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Wellness Retreats

Find your wellness retreat near you. Search for yoga, meditation, fitness, beauty, health, or group retreats that are right for you.

Weight Loss Retreat Program

Our weight loss retreat is uniquely customized to suit all age groups. Get yourself the desired toned body and lose excessive cellulite in no time. Get Fit & Light.

Sleep Well Retreat

Improve your sleep cycle and get sufficient sleep every night with our remarkable sleep-well retreat process steps.

Enjoy a good night's of sound sleep every time.

Diabetes Retreat Program

Control your high sugar levels with our unique diabetes retreat program. Purify your blood and regulate blood pressure with the help of our exclusively curated wellness program to witness the effectiveness and consistent slow down of blood sugar levels.

Metabolic Disorders Retreat Program

Heal all your metabolism disorders by boosting your digestion. Our effective treatment improves your bowel system and metabolism to absorb all the necessary vitamins and minerals, your diet offers you.

Reversing the heart condition Retreat Program

Enhance your heart health and lower the chances of several life-threatening heart diseases. Live a happy and long life by maintaining a good heart condition.

Healthy Spine & Back Care Retreat Program

Relieve all your spine and back pains with our exceptional spine and back care Wellness Retreat Program. 

Pre-Covid Detoxification Retreat Program

Boost your immune system with our uniquely designed pre-covid detoxification treatment. Lower the risks of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory diseases. Be Protected & Stay Healthy.

Gall Bladder Retreat

Improve the health and function of gallbladder functions. Reduce the risks of gall bladder stones, relative issues along with other ailments with specialized retreat program.

Neuro Muscular Disorder Retreat Program

Enhance the symptoms, boost mobility and lengthen your life. Get effective treatment for your neuromuscular disorders and maintain your normal body functions.

Destress Retreat Program

Kick off the stress you constantly get because of the busy modern life. Learn how to calm and relax your body and mind. 

Rejuvenation & Relaxation Retreat Program

Give your body sufficient relaxation it needs. Rejuvenate each cell by experiencing ultimate peace and solace to enjoy better sleep and relaxed body functions.

 High Cholesterol Retreat Program

With our unique modern high cholesterol retreat program, the process helps to eliminate the disruption of blood flow from your body. Prevents chronic illness / ailments like strokes, memory loss, and movement difficulty by regulating high cholesterol levels.

Yoga Retreat Program

Enhance your strength and flexibility by getting rid of stubborn body pains with the age-old goodness of Yoga. Improve heart health and digestion by achieving the perfect balance, Yoga brings to you.

Pain & Joint Relief Retreat Program

Get permanent relief from joint pains. Elevate muscle flexibility to take part in all sorts of physical activities, you have always wanted to.

General Detoxification Retreat Program

Get rid of the toxins from your body effectively with the help of our general detoxification wellness retreat program.

Post-Menopause Syndrome Retreat

Our post-menopause syndrome retreat program helps you instantly get rid of hot flashes, constantly occurring mood swings, and back and lower abdomen pain.

Immunity Booster Retreat Program

Boost your entire immune system to stay away from diseases & ailments. Fight seasonal cough and colds and increase the immunity in your body.

What Our Guest Say...


Mr Chiranjeevi, Film Actor

For weight loss at Pema ..... we don't have to sacrifice gastronomic pleasures....

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