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Pema Wellness is a leading naturopathic wellness resort that brings innovation, research, and experience to the fore. State-of-the-art equipment adorns its expansive facilities including – Restaurant and Juice Bar, Healing Hub, Infinity Pool, Outdoor Reflexology Track, Nature’s walking trail, Kriya Rooms, and Yoga Halls. A Modern Library stocked with well-researched and renowned publications on wellness makes it an ideal learning resource center. 


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Embark on a path of self-correction, and transformation and be one with nature in the backdrop of pristine clear waters and nurturing natural environs at the sprawling Pema Restaurant.

Our spacious restaurant with 7250 sq ft overlooking the shores of the Bay of Bengal and privy to the lapping of sea waves can host close to 200 guests. A fine dining gourmet experience packed with health & taste is a sure diet delight for all our guests. The Doctors and Nutritionists at Pema carefully craft a Therapeutic vegetarian diet plan for every guest with individual needs in mind.


Savour nature’s goodness by thriving on the mindfully crafted vegetarian wellness cuisine at Pema. Our Doctors and Nutritionists carefully design a custom diet plan for every guest with individual requirements in mind. Behind the well-crafted offerings are years of research into the nutritional value, healing properties, and calorie composition of various superfoods and herbs. As tasty as it is nutritious, the food at Pema enables indulgence that is guilt-free and satisfies the palate. It heals, detoxifies, and leaves one feeling content from within.


Replenishing the body’s water reserve is as essential as nourishing it with wholesome nutritious food. A staple for inner cleansing and detoxification, water elevates one’s vitality. Herbs, spices, and fruits are fused with water in carefully researched versatile blends that not only enhance flavour and introduce essential vitamins but also boast healing properties. With 17 varied infusions, wake up to different flavoured water each new day to keep one thriving.

Healing Hub

The healing hub is 100,000 square feet with state-of-the-art equipment to aid the program designed specifically for each individual by the doctors

The hub boasts vibrancy and positivity with the presence of our empathetic healers. The healing journey at the hub begins with the treatment plans designed by our expert clinical team dedicated to serving an uncompromised wellness experience for every guest. Well equipped with the comfort and healing powers of India's first and only one-of-its-kind quartz bed, advanced hydrotherapeutic equipment, spacious and well-ventilated manipulative therapy rooms, acupuncture, and treatment chambers, the hub aids as a pivotal pillar to enhance wellness.

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Infinity Pool

The infinity swimming pool on the rooftop provides not only a pleasure for swimmers but also a variety of aquatic exercises like Jala yoga, and Zumba to augment a healthy regime. Dive into the soothing hues of blue where the glorious Sky, clear Bay waters, and pristine Infinity Pool unite. 

Discover the magic that water brings to healing when the water itself becomes the treatment table.

Cleanse the natural way with Jala Yoga or move freely to the rhythm of water with Aqua Zumba enabling joint mobilization and pain reduction for a hydrotherapeutic and purifying experience.


Outdoor Reflexology Track

A walk through our unique modern Outdoor Reflexology Track restores essential balance and equilibrium of the body and mind by activating the reflex points of vital organs.

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Nature's Walking trail

A stroll along our modernized yet interwoven nature's walking trial which is strategically designed to work as therapeutic nutrition for the eyes and a tranquil walk to renew the intrinsic balance of mind and body.


Indulge in the healthy approach of workout with our expert team at Pema. With an incredible view of the ocean and open access to elite services like Zumba, Yoga, and Boxing. It’s time to tone up every muscle of the body and provide a holistic approach toward optimum health.

Stay fit and stay active. 

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Yoga Halls

Leave behind the disturbances that disrupt the rhythm of nature and seek a peaceful state of mind with our customized and specially designed yoga programs.

Open up to quiet contemplation, master the breath and let the self be in bliss with specially designed Kriyas. Constructive and region-focused Asanas leave one with a calm mind, rejuvenated senses, and harmony within. Frequent beachside Yoga enveloped in the soulful orchestra of the sea and fresh ozone-rich breeze uplifts the ‘prana’ – vitality.

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