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It provides a healthy lifestyle to all health-conscious individuals through natural healing combined with Yoga Sadhana, Pema Naturopathy & Retreat to ensure that all patients remain disease-free until they reach old age. Pema Naturopathy & Retreat is a vibrant multi-facility Nature Cure Center set among lush greenary and amid hillocks. Pema Naturopathy & Retreat offers a variety of services. Located amid the glorious tranquil surroundings, the campus includes a massive treatment block with separate floors for ladies and gentlemen, beautifully landscaped gardens all around, a yoga shala, a havan shala, among other amenities. Much ultra-modern equipment has been installed to provide the most excellent treatments possible at the Nature Cure.

A variety of non-invasive, drug-free nature cure methods is used at Pema for the treatment of various ailments as well as for the rejuvenation and revitalization of one's body and mind. These methods include massage therapy, hydrotherapy, Yoga, physiotherapy, acupressure, diet therapy, steam, and jacuzzi. Pema's Naturopathic Doctors, Therapists, Technicians, and Administrative Staff are all highly trained and experienced professionals who will make your stay at Pema a memorable one.



Almost everyone has a period of extreme difficulties at some point in their lives. Stress may leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to control your emotions, evil thoughts, or responses to them. You may be dealing with addictive habits. Perhaps your relationship is in trouble, or you're about to make a life-altering decision or through a vast transformation. Alternatively, you may just recognize that the way you are living must alter. An alternative to traditional treatment by the hour, individual counseling retreats provide a customized experience that is not found in traditional institutions. Choose a peaceful location that symbolizes simplicity while also minimizing distraction. Retreats with Pema have an uncanny ability to transform people's lives because, when they immerse themselves in a setting of peace and self-reflection, new ways of thinking and living organically arise.

This is one of the reasons why wisdom traditions have utilized retreats for thousands of years. Unexpectedly interrupting business as standard with a personal getaway is a precious experience. Your typical life methods are disconnected from you, and the habits that are standing in the way of your progress are reinforced. It is possible to get a fresh perspective by stepping away from old patterns of behavior. The distinction between self-limiting and non-self-limiting ways of thinking and doing becomes more apparent. You are becoming more aware of how you contribute to your own stress.



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This retreat at Pema will provide you with the necessary guidance towards deepening your current Yoga practice or even starting over on the inspiring path of Yoga. The Yoga retreat provides you with the advice needed towards imbibing the principles of Yoga while experiencing its incredible lifestyle benefits. This luxury yoga retreat at Pema is not only about synchronizing movement and breath, but it also becomes a way of life for the participants. Contrary to popular opinion, Yoga does not just concentrate on flexibility; instead, it is recognized for its intuitive spiritual and physical healing skills. After all, even the most basic practice of the yoga asanas, when done with the proper purpose, may help you achieve a calmer and more peaceful state of mind and provide several health advantages contributing to your overall well-being.

This Journey Through Yoga, the Pema way, begins with a NATUROPATHY MEDICAL CONSULTATION to determine your constitution or Dosha, followed by various prescribed treatments, ranging from the Yogic Kriyas to private Meditation and Breathing sessions, which allows you to delve deeper into the ritual of Yoga. You will be exposed to various therapeutic modalities, each of which is unique in its own ways, such as deep hands massage, foot reflexology, and even Pranic healing. These things work together subtly to better align your senses and increase your overall personal well-being levels.



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Naturopathy and holistic treatment are both based on the concept of diet. The food at Pema's Retreat is meticulously prepared with the palates of our visitors in mind and its influence on the guests' health. The cuisine of India has been influenced by civilizations spread over the length and width of this vast subcontinent. Every area of India has its own taste and specialties to offer visitors. Every region's cuisine has developed in a way that is strongly influenced by health-promoting concepts. In general, the ingredients utilized, the manner of food preparation are geared at boosting flavor while also maintaining the balance of the doshas in the body. The food is made according to the seasonal changes and their impact on the consumer's health.

At Pema Retreat, our staff ensures that your experience with nutritious cuisine is enjoyable and motivating, and delicious. Our Executive Health Chef will combine old naturopathy cooking techniques with a contemporary taste to create a vegan feast that is both healthy and delicious. We make an effort to provide diversity to your meals by providing a selection of Indian and continental cuisines that are delicious and beneficial to your overall health and wellness.