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Diet and Nutrition

Our Doctors and Nutritionists carefully design a custom diet plan for every guest with individual requirements in mind. 

Behind the well-crafted offerings are years of research into the nutritional value, healing properties, and calorie composition of various superfoods and herbs. 

As tasty as it is nutritious, the food at Pema enables indulgence that is guilt-free and satisfies the palate. It heals, detoxifies, and leaves one feeling content from within. 

How it acts

At Baypark-Pema Retreat, our staff ensures that your experience with nutritious cuisine is enjoyable and motivating, and delicious. 
Our Executive Health Chef will combine old Ayurvedic cooking techniques with a contemporary taste to create a vegan feast that is both healthy and delicious. 
We make an effort to provide diversity to your meals by providing a selection of Indian and continental cuisines that are delicious and beneficial to your overall health and wellness.

Every region's cuisine has developed in a way that is strongly influenced by health-promoting concepts. 
In general, the ingredients utilized, the manner of food preparation are geared at boosting flavour while also maintaining the balance of the doshas in the body. 
The food is made according to the seasonal changes and their impact on the consumer's health.


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